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I went to the combined event that the Missouri Western Democrat and Republican organizations hosted together today at 3:00pm in Spratt. It was a very interesting panel that featured 3 guest, all of which who are part of the Missouri Legislators and are from the St. Joseph area. 

State Representatives Pat Conway (D), Delus Johnson (R), and State Senator Rob Schaaf sat down and put political biased aside to talk one on one with the students, president of the university, and even a few professors. Issues ranged from what seemed to be concerns of the students who attended the event. 

Among the issues that were discussed, the ones that seemed to stick out to me was a question that Jacob Scott (College Republicans V.P) brought up. Scott asked each of the representatives what their take was on the advertising  on buses for Missouri Western. He said it was a fun little question to start it off. The most interesting response came from State Senator Schaaf who sad, and I quote “I dont care!” He said that its more of a distraction in his own opinion and believes its would cause accidents. 

Even though I dont agree with Scaff or the other Republican Representative, I believe that they answered the questions honestly and up front. Pat Conway in my opinion always seems to be very personable and is a guys guy. He tells it how it is, and doesnt seem to care how people take it. I wish we had more Representatives like him in Jefferson City fighting for us. 

Overall, the event was one that I believe was a success. 

By: Matthew Hunt, Opinion Editor (The Griffon News) 

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Out Front with Hunt


As things start to settle down this semester and everyone goes home for the summer, I just wanted to stop by and formally introduce myself. I’m the new opinions editor for the Griffon News for the fall 2012 semester. I apperciate the opportunity to be given this position. I have been told by many of my friends, classmates, and professors that I am a very opinionated person, which in this case will be good. 

I started my career on the Griffon News as a reporter for the News Desk, then became the Assistant News Editor, and now the Opinion Editor. I hope I get the chance to meet with many of the students on the campus in the fall to discuss issues that students have on their minds. 

I plan to cover a wide variety of issues as the Opinion Editor. I also would like to take this opportunity to let those of you know who are on the Student Government or any other organization know that I want a debate. If you believe what I am saying might be bias towards your organization than thats my opinion and I advise you to write back, comment, or send in an opinions piece to get your side of the story. 

I dont plan on bashing organizations, or the administration. However, I do believe its my duty to report and get “OUT FRONT” to find out the details of issues that organizations pass, or bring up in discussion. 

I believe its our right as students to let our voices be heard, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Its time that your heard, because everyone has a opinion. This is just one way to get it out to the public, because if you feel this way then im sure that there are others just like you that feel the same way. 

Again, I hope to hear from many of you this summer and fall and get your opinions Out Front for students to hear. Good luck on final exams next week, and have a wonderful summer. See you next fall Griffons! 

Thank you, 

Matthew Hunt 

Opinion Editor

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