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Missouri Western is a growing community with over 6,134 students ranging from many different backgrounds. Western is also an open enrollment college as well, and some students might take that for granted and will end up ousted. This is in fact a University and students must try and actually do the work, because open enrollment doesnt always mean that its easy. I know just from experience that I have had to work for a few classes just to keep my grade point average up to where I wanted it to be. Long nights, coffee, and study groups is all that I have known for the past 3 years since starting at Missouri Western State University.

Western has been growing in academics, and athletics in recent years. Missouri Western offers over 100 majors and 41 minors through its College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of Professional Studies, Steven L. Craig School of Business, and School of Graduate Studies. At the end of the 2012 school year Western has been changing the name of a few Universities and adding new programs to degrees which will boost enrollment and excel our students after graduation to be up to date with the most accurate technology.

I have spoken to a few seniors who just graduated from back home, and some from the St. Joseph area and the biggest question I have been asked from them is this. “Whats it like to be a Griffon?”. So here is what I tell them, and this is for any of you incoming freshmen planning to become part of our community here at Western. Being a Griffon is more than just about being in organizations, or partying. I have been in college for 3 years and only been to one greek party, and let me tell you. I would rather of been studying for an exam that would benefit me more, than drinking gallons of… well you know what I mean. But, being a Griffon means you are ready to take charge and take control of your academic career. I was so excited the first time I entered into the doors of Missouri Western. I will never forget what my parents told me before dropping me off at the dorms. “Dont mess this up. You only get one shot to make your future bright!” So I have lived by that moto for the past 3 years and I would tell you to do the same.

You might think that Western will be a breeze, but let me tell you there will be a time where you will think differently. So welcome to Westrn, where academics and small classrooms with interactions with your professors are a benefit unlike larger universities such as KU or MU.


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Mothers day weekend is here! It seems that most families are out doing cookouts, camping, or having family gatherings! What is your family doing this mothers day weekend? Let me know!

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Raye Bradford, senior student at Missouri Western

I enjoy the fact that our president is human and permits himself to show that. It is not unheard of for a person’s feelings on a topic to evolve. I think it is awesome he can admit that. I think it also provides a good role model for others in our nation who have been a bit on the fence concerning gay marriage. It shows that if our POTUS can eventually see the logic, then others can follow in his same path. It is heartwarming. I have never been prouder of the man.

And I love the point he made: If a gay American is fighting to protect America and her institutions, then that gay American should be permitted the right to participate in said institutions. It is sad that states like North Carolina chose to ban rights for their citizens. I hope that mindset never reaches a national level.

The simple fact is, a heterosexual person is a citizen and granted full rights of a citizen. They are not banned based of their sex, religion, race, or disabilities. Those are all very personal and identity defining factors, that are not much of a choice in a person, save religion. One’s sexuality is just as personal and identity defining as those other 4 enumerations. And weather one’s sexuality is a choice or not, matters not. Religion is a choice and it is protected while race is not a choice and it is protected. Simple enough, a homosexual person is a citizen and SHOULD be granted full rights and protections as a citizen. To expect equality in personal matters of choice and non-choices and yet exclude a personal non-choice/choice issue is simply discrimination. And by golly do we know how Americans try to avoid discrimination.

So I am excited, and hopeful and proud. I think we as a nation finally have a real chance to move the issue forward in a non-discriminating way!

Wednesday – May 9, 2012 3:18 PM

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