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If you are a Freshmen coming to Missouri Western in the fall semester of 2012, then please email your response to how well orientation went this summer to mhunt8@missouriwestern.edu 

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After years of service to the Saint Joseph community and Missouri Western State University Mel Klinker,  vice president for financial planning and administration at Missouri Western State University has decided to resign to take a different position at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. According to the St.Joseph NewsPress, Klinkers last day at Western vice president for financial planning and administration will be August 3rd.

Full Article to be released soon.

Matthew Hunt

Opinion Editor

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I asked a group of current and currently graduated Missouri Western students about if they believe that Missouri Western is able to compete with bigger schools? I used a facebook poll and here are the numbers.

Certain Departments Only- 6 votes

Here are some of the responses:

Rachel Simmons I know MANY new grads from MANY different departments already land great jobs or get accepted to great Master’s/graduate degree programs since graduation in May. And isn’t that the reason we are all going to school in the first place? MOWO is doing something right.

Linnea Edlin I think academically, we have programs that could definitely keep up, but I think we have some programs that would also fall seriously behind. Athletically, I don’t think we could; full scholarships are not given to athletes, so obviously, the top athletes go where they can have all of their schooling paid for (though a lot of MoWest’s athletes are REALLY good!). I love MoWest SO much, but there are pluses and minuses to it, just like every school.

Missouri State wasn’t one of the schools mentioned in your question but I have been told by Kurt McGuffin and Jerry P. the football coach that Missouri State won’t play us in football because we would likely beat them even though they are D-1 FCS. Northern Iowa won’t schedule us either and they are a really good D-1 FCS program. Even though our football team is D-2 we play in the toughest conference and are very competetive in it so honestly we could take down some of these lower D-1 teams in football. Now in basketball these schools would destroy us right now.

If you have a response, then let us know below!

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